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Livadhi (Anchorage)

Ormos Livadhi, a deep bay, is entered 1.3 miles NE of this point and is well sheltered. A village, situated at the head of the bay, is fronted by a small craft harbor. Small vessels can anchor within the bay, in depths of 15 to 20m, firm sand. 
Heidi+Hasan [ Phoenix ] 09-Feb-2012


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

Ormos Koutala (Anchorage)

An interesting bay with old iron ore mine holes visible from the water on the way in to the bay.

I anchored here for the afternoon with good holding, but moved to Livadhi when a southerly was forecast. Nice unspoiled beach in the North East corner. I think there were some tavernas on the shore.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Feb-2007