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On my way north, I dutifully went to the Port Authority, as I had been instructed, and it took me about 90 minutes of hanging around an office while officers of varying rank filled out and stamped paperwork and blew smoke rings at the ceiling while waiting for clerical staff to enter my boat details in various volumes and ledgers in long hand.

They were all very friendly and helpful, but it seemed like this was an unusual occurrence and  I was the first boat that ever checked in. I asked whether checking in was really necessary and the consensus was that whenever I docked in a port of any size, I should go to the Port Authority.

It did not cost me anything except the time, and I think all would have been quite happy had I not bothered them that afternoon.

I read that being a military port they tend to follow the letter of the law.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Jul-2007