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The marina is very nice, and quite new, but a long bus ride from town, with very limited restaurant and supermarket facilities nearby.

The marina restaurant was often closed, or having a wedding or something, and I did not have a chance to eat there.

I had lunch at a restaurant on the beach, but I was the only patron and it was very quiet in September.

I am told that there is a small supermarket that sells bread and such, if you keep walking down the road toward the city. I guess I did not walk far enough.

www.italianavigando.it/porti/brindisi.htm translated by Google
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2007

Marina Restaurant (Under construction 2010) (Restaurant)

Marina Restaurant

Both the marina restaurant and the bar were closed and under construction in 2010.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969

Danese Boatyard (Boat Yard)

Beach Restaurant (closed) (Restaurant)

Beach Restaurant

This restaurant did not open in 2009 and was still closed in 2010 with windows broken.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Oct-2008

#4 Bus to town (Bus)

#4 bus stop

For the #4 bus, you need to walk down Via Torpediniera Spica from the marina gates to the main road (Via Materdomini) and then walk about 50m SW past the old run down market (that did not open in 2009).

If you are going to catch the #4 bus back to the marina again, you had better find a landmark to warn you when approaching the bus stop, as you will need to signal to the driver before you reach the stop.

The #5 bus, however, takes you right to the marina gate.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Oct-2009

#5 Bus to Town (Bus)

The #5 bus stop is just outside the marina gate. Bus takes about 30 minutes to town, and runs about every hour during the day. Bus tickets purchased on the bus are €1.50 but you can buy them in town at coffe shops near the train station for €0.85.

NOTE: During summer (May-September) the #5 bus service does not run. You need to catch the #4 bus down the road on the main drag. September through April, both the #4 and #5 busses run, but only the #5 begeins and returns to the marina gate.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 22-Dec-2009

Bus stops in Brindisi Town (Bus)

Coming into town, the bus stops in front of the train station. You then walk down Corso Umberto to the town.

Going back to the marina, you pick up the bus on Via Cristoforo Colombo on the east side of the road, just past the big arch.

Bus tickets purchased on the bus cost €1.50 but you can buy them for €0.85 at coffee shops and tobacconists near the train station. Worthwhile to stock up on a few tickets, because you can only buy them on the bus at the marina end for €1.50.

Don't forget to validate the ticket by inserting it into the machine on the bus to get it stamped.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Oct-2009

Bus stop returning to marina

#4 and #5 Bus stop returning to marina

The return bus stop from Brindisi to the marina is just past the Mesagne gate (Porto Mesagne).

From September 1 you can catch the #4 or the #5 bus back to the marina. The # 5 bus returns right to the marina gate, but the #4 bus you need to get off on the main road before the marina( I guess it is the Materdomni stop on the bus route, but you had better check with the driver.

During the summer (May through August) only the #4 bus runs.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Oct-2009

Porta Mesagne (Point of Interest)

Bus stop coming into town

Fruiteria (Market)

This is a small fruit stand with a good selection of fruits and vegetables. They also have other convenience store items like paper towel, eggs, water, beer, wine.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 13-Jun-2010

Pizzeria Restaurant (Restaurant)

This place was quite poular in 2010 wuith all the other restaurants in the area closed.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 13-Jun-2010

Mini Market (Supermarket)

A convenient, if small, mini market that has one or two of each item you may find in a larger supermarket.

Good selection of cheeses and cold meats, and fresh bread from time to time. Their meat selection varies from day to day with sausage, to occasionaly quite a large selection of meats. Limited fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a much better selection at the fruitaria about 100m down the road.

It certainly beats having to ride the bus to town and lug heavy water, wine, and beer back on the bus.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 13-Jun-2010