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The Sanayi is the industrial area of Marmaris. You can have about anything sourced or manufactured in this area.

It is a fascinating area to walk around. and the contractors you will find can repair or re manufacture just about anything that you bring them, or they will make an exact copy at very reasonable rates.

As yet, there is no guide to the Sanayi on the internet, and it would be a great service to other yachties if you would add contractors and services that you have personally used and try and identify their location on the map.

It is easy to do. Just log in, put in the title and drag the map to center on the location.

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Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007

Kadioglu Stainless Steel Manufacturing (Services)

Will make you anything you want and not
limited to just stainless steel. Will come to
your boat.
SANAYI Sitesi 284 Sok # 16/A
Phone 252-413-00-97
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007

Megamar Wood Suppliers (Services)

Megamar Orman Urunleri
Located in the Sanayi
Office is located opposite Bosun's Locker at
Tepe Mah. 33 Sok Munevver Apt. # B6
Phone 252-413-85-13
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Nov-2007