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Florida Keys

I have great news everyboday, the new Dinner Key Mooring Field is up and running!! Thank goodness!!

My wife and I were very impressed at the professionalism and caring the City of Miami marinas staff operates this new facility. The price for an overnight mooring ball is only 18 and for that we got shuttle service during the day, showers and laundry, free parking for a friend that visited us and a free pumpout!

We love the mooring field!!!

Mario & Maria
Maria & Mario [ Lucky Lady ] 14-Nov-2009

Fort Lauderdale

Billed as the Venice of America due to the numerous canals throughout the city and surrounding residential areas.

Thousands of boats docked on the canals behind homes ranging from multi-million dollar estates to modest 2 bedroom homes.

It has also been called the Yachting Capital of the World, due to the shear number of registered vessels in the area, and though it has it's share of mega-yachts visiting in the winter, it is rather a bold claim when compared to the yachting resorts of the Mediterranean.


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 03-Dec-2007


Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Dec-2007

ICW: Fort Lauderdale to Miami

Southwest Florida

Martin County

Space Coast

Pompano Beach


Ft . Pierce

Vero Beach

Vero Beach mooring field

We just got back from a short cruise to Vero.  We spent 4 nights tied up to a mooring ball at the Municipal Marina.  Very nice facility.  Good protection from weather.  Reasonable mooring fees, access to all facilities at the marina, nice cruisers lounge and free bus service that picks up right at the marina and takes you pretty much anywhere you could want to go in the city.  The marina is within walking distance of the beach.  Definitely worth a stop.
Alan and Jennifer [ Morning Star ] 01-Jan-2010

St Augustine

St Augustine Florida is the oldest European city in the United States. Visited by Ponce de Leon in 1513 and settled by Juan Menendez de Aviles half a century before the first English settlers landed at Jamestown. The center of Spanish power in North America for almost 200 years.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Jan-2008

Ponce de Leon Inlet (Entrance)

We sailed in here back in 1984 when the whole area was very undeveloped and delightfully funky. Since the lighthouse was closed for renovation back then, we made a point of returning 25 years later. It was still a nice place to visit, although the surrounding area now has some upscale waterfront homes.
Howard and Jayne [ Rynegiest ] 31-Mar-2009

Daytona Beach

Palm Beach

Disney World (Excursion)