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Marmaris Bay Marina Living

I've moored my boat in Netsel Marina for 7 years and recommend Netsel Marina for any boat looking for a short or long term mooring in marmaris. The marina is almost in the city and very convenient for boat and personal needs. Mooring fees include half-price for lift/launch, various discounts for services and goods ashore in town. Netsel is more protected against the winter winds than other moorings in this area. see www.netselmarina.com for other amenities.
GB and Simba [ KW ] 28-Nov-2007
Conveniently close to town, restaurants, shops, marine supplies and contractors. Winter rates include electricity and water which help offset the more expensive dockage fees.

A 6 month mooring contract includes a 50% discount on haul and launch.

It costs only a little more for 12 months of dockage and this includes a free haul and launch with 10 days hard-standing.Go to www.netselmarina.com for more information
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

VHF Channel 06 (Marina)

Marin Laundry (Laundry)

Drop off Laundry

Usually ready within 24 hours or same day.
2 Hour Quick Service Available.

Wash & Dry 5 Kg load 15 YTL
Wash, Dry and Press 5 Kg load 20 YTL

Rasit offers an additional discount on these prices for regular Netsel liveaboards. Make sure they know you are a Netsel liveaboard when you drop off, or when the laundry is collected or delivered.

Free Pickup and Delivery.

Call Rasit 0252 412 06 32 or on mobile at 0536 866 9755

Located in Netsel Marina Shopping mall F01 in the far corner beyond the kebab place (up "the great white way" opposite E pontoon).
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Mar-2007

2007 Pricing (Marina)

There is a chart on the marina website under the pricing tab.

To calculate your price, multiply your length X beam to get square meters, then find the column corresponding to this size, and find the multiplication factor for the number of days you plan to stay.

Then multiply this factor x length x beam x number of days to get the price in euros.

So for a 10 meter boat with a 3.4 meter beam it is 10 x 3.4 = 34 sq meters. From the "30-35.99" column we get the pricing factor of 0.223 for 180 days.

So then,
0.223 x 10m x 3.4m x 180days = €1364.76. This inludes a half price haul and launch with 10 days hard standing

For only €472 more you get a full year contract which includes a free haul and launch and 10 days hard standing which is a very good deal if you plan to spend more than six months in the marina.

And the best part is that electricity and water are included as well, which could add up during the cold winter months with heating costs.

There is a little calculator on the pricing page that calculates the dockage fees for you. Go to www.netselmarina.com and click on pricing.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Mar-2007

Captain (Kabab) (Restaurant)

A wonderful lunch kabab place in the back corner of Netsel marina Shopping Plaza with crushed velvet luminous green (sometimes blue) table cloths and chef in high hat carving from a kabab in front of a charcoal fire.

The service is extremely cordial and friendly, but you cannot be in a hurry for lunch, especially if they are busy.

The chef has the carving down to an art form as he rotates the kabab with his wooden spoon and slices of tasty pieces of meat with his sword.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Mar-2007

Keyif (Restaurant)

Keyif serves a fine Sunday brunch and is also a good watering hole around the fire on a cold wintery evening.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Jan-2008

Pineapple Happy Hour (Restaurant)

Pineapple Restaurant is hosting liveaboards a Happy Hour on Tuesday nights from 6:30 - 7:30.

Beginning Tuesday (next), 2 September, Pineapple Restaurant Bar (upstairs), 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. and every following Tuesday, drinks are priced as follows:

Beer, Large 4 TL
Beer, small 3 TL
Glass Wine 5 TL
Bottle Wine 20 TL
Local Spirits 5 TL (Vodka/Tonic, Gin Tonic, local brands, etc.)

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 30-Aug-2008

Migros (Supermarket)

A smaller Migros very convenient to Netsel
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 07-Nov-2008