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The boatyard of choice for many owners planning to leave their boats on the hard for the winter. There is also a large liveaboard community that winter afloat with organized events and a daily VHF net on channel 69 VHF which includes the Netsel marina liveaboards.

Although a 20 minute Dolmus(bus) ride from town (YTL 2 each way) the marina has many facilities on site such as restaurant, chandlery, laundry and many contractors. Go to Yachtmarine for further information.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Feb-2007

2006 Pricing for 9-10m (Marina)

For 9-10m I was quoted the following in 2006.

Daily Mooring14 Euro
Monthly Mooring96.50 Euro
6 Months Mooring573.30 Euro
Haul/launch + 15 days350 Euro
Haul/launch + 6 months900 Euro
1 Year, mooring/haul/launch1473 Euro
Electricity 1KwH0.24 Euro
Water 1 ton2.5 Euro

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Nov-2006

Marina Restaurant (Restaurant)

The marina restaurant provides extremely good fare at reasonable prices. With table cloths on the tables and uniformed wait staff one would expect higher prices, but the food is excellent and does not break the budget.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 02-Mar-2007

VHF Channel 72 (Marina)

Marina Laundry (Laundry)

Drop off service. Wash and fold 5kgs for about 20 YTL. Usually ready in a few days. Pay your laundry ticket at the marina front desk before going to pick up. Located in the ablution building on the south mole near the road.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 31-Dec-1969