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Thousands of boats winter in Marmaris bay, afloat, and on the hard.

There is a large community of live-aboards, particularly at Yacht Marine and there is a radio net on VHF channel 69 each morning at 0900 which includes both the Yacht marine and Netsel marina liveaboards. Channel 69 is also used as a general calling frequency throughout the day. After calling your party, switch to another working frequency to continue your conversation. Treat channel 69 like channel 16 when in Marmaris bay. Note that the Marinas use channels 06 and 72 which should be avoided for general chatter.

The morning net includes such subjects as: Medical and emergency, Hellos and goodbyes, Taxi shares to the airports, Social events, Security and marina issues, and a free-for-all flee market called "Treasures from the bilge" where people can sell or swap old gear.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 05-Nov-2006

Marmaris Bay Excursions (Excursion)

Here are some excursions that have been arranged by Gwen on KW at Netsel Marina.

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Marmaris Yellow Pages (Services)

Please add vendors and services that you have used in Marmaris Bay. Click Here
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Marine Surveys & Consultancy International
Full range of Surveys including Ulrasonic available.
Alina [ Sri Mutiara ] 19-Apr-2007

Netsel Marina (Marina)

Marmaris Bay Marina Living

I've moored my boat in Netsel Marina for 7 years and recommend Netsel Marina for any boat looking for a short or long term mooring in marmaris. The marina is almost in the city and very convenient for boat and personal needs. Mooring fees include half-price for lift/launch, various discounts for services and goods ashore in town. Netsel is more protected against the winter winds than other moorings in this area. see www.netselmarina.com for other amenities.
GB and Simba [ KW ] 28-Nov-2007
Conveniently close to town, restaurants, shops, marine supplies and contractors. Winter rates include electricity and water which help offset the more expensive dockage fees.

A 6 month mooring contract includes a 50% discount on haul and launch.

It costs only a little more for 12 months of dockage and this includes a free haul and launch with 10 days hard-standing.Go to www.netselmarina.com for more information
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 24-Feb-2007

Yacht Marine (Marina)

The boatyard of choice for many owners planning to leave their boats on the hard for the winter. There is also a large liveaboard community that winter afloat with organized events and a daily VHF net on channel 69 VHF which includes the Netsel marina liveaboards.

Although a 20 minute Dolmus(bus) ride from town (YTL 2 each way) the marina has many facilities on site such as restaurant, chandlery, laundry and many contractors. Go to Yachtmarine for further information.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Feb-2007

Flying out of Marmaris (Transport)

Marmaris is quite far from the nearest airport Dalaman. Alternatives include Bodrum and Izmir.

When I flew to Florida for Christmas, I took a taxi from Netsel to the Marmaris bus station for about 10 YTL. The bus from Marmaris to Dalaman leaves 3 hours before any scheduled Turkish Airlines flight. The bus is called "Havas" which means "Air" (as in Havas Limani = Air Port) and costs only 23 YTL each way for the 1-1/2 hour bus ride. It is air conditioned and comfortable, with luggage stored below

Many cruisers advertise for taxi shares on the morning Marmaris bay net on CH 69 at 0900 to share the cost of a dedicated taxi to or from the airports.

My flight options out of Istanbul were not good timing, so I decided to spend a whole day exploring Istanbul. I stayed two nights in Istanbul at the Side hotel. This strategy, I highly recommend. My flight out the next day was at a comfortable 1145 am.

On my return, I collected my bags at Dalaman and walked straight out to the bus which departed immediately. Do not waste any time when collecting your luggage or you will miss the bus.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Feb-2007

Tansas (Supermarket)

Tansas is the big supermarket in Marmaris. It is up the road from the Ataturk statue on the waterfront, and opposite the Yacht Marine dolmus bus stop.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 19-Mar-2007

Portofino, British restaurant (Restaurant)

Great place to watch live Rugby on a big screen TV and eat authentic fish and chips. Yacht Marine usually organizes a dolmus to and from major games.

Your host Emrah is very friendly and accommodating and will often offer a ride back to Tansas bus stop area free of charge.

It is about a 30 minute walk from Netsel Marina or a 10 YTL taxi ride. Walk West along the waterfront, past the Ataturk statue until the road splits away from the beach. The restaurant is about 50m further on, on the north side.

The map shows the general area but may not be accurate.

Telephone: 0090 252 413 22 61
Mobile: 0090 533 768 82 97
Cildir mevkii Kemal Elgin Bulvari Kemeralti mah. No. 32, Marmaris
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Emergency Numbers (Other)


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Anchorage (Anchorage)


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www.allAboutMarmaris.com (Link)