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I anchored on the shoal that is evident in the satellite picture, in the middle left of the bay in about 5 meters.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007

Konoba Antika (Restaurant)

Antika restaurant is like home away from home. The food is excellent, they offer free moorings, and like many restaurants around Mljet, free dockage with electricity, if you patronise the restaurant.

I had a great grilled vegetarian platter for lunch, and some wonderful fish for dinner.

You can call them at the following mobile numbers:
Stjepo - 091 725 6419
Andrijano - 091 699 9876
Matea - 091 797 8062
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007

Mljet Park (Excursion)

In 2009 we took the other ferry from the monastery to Mali Most (Small Bridge) and walked around the small lake and over to Pomena.

We then returned to Mali Most and caught the ferry back to the bus.
Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009
The bus takes you from Polace up, over the hill to the edge of the lake, where you embark on a ferry to the monastery island.

After touring the monastery, you ferry back to the bus, which runs regularly, and back to Polace.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007

Ticket Office and Bus (Excursion)

The ticket office and bus stop are located close to the castle in Polace
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007

Ferry Stop (Excursion)

Monastery (Excursion)

Pizza place (Restaurant)

We had an excellent pizza after touring the monastery at the pizza place to the north of the dock, under the green awning.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009

Mali Most (Excursion)

The ferry stops here on the way back from the monastery. A very pleasant walk around the small lake.

We also walked up the steps over the hill and down to to Pomena
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Oct-2009

The path to Pomena (Excursion)

Castle and Basilica ruins (Historic)

The castle was built around the third or fourth century AD. Rumored to have belonged to Agesilaus, exiled here by Septimus Severus, and later pardoned by Caracalla.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 08-Nov-2007

Dinghy Dock (Dockage)

We docked the dinghy next to the castle
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 06-Dec-2009