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A lovely old walled city, reputed to be the birth place of Marco Polo. There is a house that one can visit which they call Marco Polo's home.

The city's narrow streets are laid out on a grid which is quite unique for this period.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Aug-2007

Outer basin (Anchorage)

This was about 8-10 meters, anchored off the eastern shore near the beach ferry dock.

This anchorage was OK, but a bit too deep for my liking when testing the anchor. So, after a quick tour of Korcula town I left for Lumbarda, but returned the same night to anchor in the inner basin.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Aug-2007

Monastery (Anchorage)

Franciscan church and monastery , built in 14th and 15th century in Gothic and Renaissance style.

It is a popular anchorage, but I could not find shelter from the strong westerly that was blowing, or a reliable, weed-free bottom.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 27-Aug-2007

Inner basin (Anchorage)

You leave the little island (rock) to port and go into the inner basin where there is easily 2.5m and anchor in front of the konoba in well protected and picturesque surroundings.

When I first arrived, I anchored in the outer bay in front of the beach ferry stop, but it was over 8 meters and the holding was not great.

This is a cozy and secure anchorage and I was the only sailboat boat in there.

I did not go ashore to the konoba but it looked popular and fun.
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 28-Aug-2007

Konoba Lanterna (Bar)

They are open from 1800-2400
Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009

Hotel Bon Repos (Internet)

We dingied in to the hotel and paid 28Kn / hour for fast Internet access at their internet cafe.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 29-Nov-2009