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Patmos (Click to enlarge) Photo:Howard is intended for sharing tidbits of useful information such as where to catch the bus, what to see and how to get there, where to eat or find the best supermarkets, personal experiences such as excursions to historic sites and attractions, pubs, clubs, beaches and all the other information that is normally not included in pilot books or other great sites like

The site is live, and interactive and everyone can add information and photographs instantly. Contributions are published unedited, but there might be times where we need to delete or edit comments for whatever reason. If you find something offensive or inappropriate, please let me know.

Using Google Maps, you can change the map view on each page by zooming or dragging the map and changing between satellite or map view and click on "Save to Database" to keep the changes. The map and satellite views are not always as detailed as we would like, but in most areas they are excellent.

It is a lot of fun reliving ones travels by going back through logbooks and photographs and adding information to the site that could be invaluable to future cruisers to that area.

Each addition will be credited to the author with a link to their profile. You can go back and edit or delete any of your own articles at any time.

Please enjoy searching the site and feel free to add your own comments, text or photographs to any existing articles, or add a completely new article with your own pictures and point of view. The site relies on everyones input.

It is easy for anyone to add a new area if it does not already exist.

Please write to me at if you have any questions or suggestions.

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1. Western Mediterranean (496)
2. Indian Ocean (97)
3. Bahamas (74)
4. Southern Africa (72)
5. Eastern Mediterranean (996)
6. Atlantic Europe (209)
7. US Atlantic Coast (459)
8. Caribbean (208)
9. South America (19)
10. South Atlantic (14)
11. Pacific (180)
12. Australasia (147)
13. Useful Links (3) (Link)
14. Help Menu (1111)
15. Far East (1)
16. North Atlantic (108)

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